The benefits of a digital School Brochure for admissions

The benefits of a digital School Brochure for admissions

August 30, 2023 / blog / Comments (0)

A well-crafted school prospectus is an essential tool for any school’s marketing activities. It serves as an excellent platform to showcase your school’s ethos, curriculum, and aspirations to prospective students and families. Traditionally, school prospectuses took the form of printed brochures distributed during open events or included in welcome packs. While this is still a necessary marketing tool for many Schools, we’ve been encouraging schools to look at digital alternatives.


The advantages of digital are numerous. Digital prospectuses offer way more convenience, accessibility, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. They offer users a more interactive experience compared to traditional print materials, with the embedding of videos and animations that bring the content to life and create a big first and last impression.


A dedication single language (Arabic) version without the need to incorporate bilingual (English + Arabic) into the layouts. Parents can just open the preferred language option.

On screen it’ll always looks good quality won’t change over time.
Hardcopies can deteriorate in time, images fade and binding can loosen.


One of the obvious advantages is the cost or savings. Digital prospectuses are more budget-friendly for schools as they reduce the need for printing and distribution expenses.

They can be easily shared online without physical delivery costs, making them especially useful for schools with limited resources. Digital brochures can be updated each year, when faculty members change or new areas of campus need highlight or a new video is produced. It eliminates outdated copies collecting dust never to be used.



As parents and students become more conscious about the environment the idea of trees being cut down for something that can easily avoided makes sense. A digital prospectus can exist online for download, so it’s at the discretion of the user if they need to print a hardcopy.

The digital prospectus can also be loaded onto tablet and used passed around at an event or during a campus tour.



Utilizing a digital prospectus presents an excellent opportunity to enhance your school’s marketing efforts and offer modern parents a distinct and engaging experience. If you’re thinking about shifting to a digital prospectus this year and wish to up your game with an interactive prospective, don’t hesitate to call us for a quote.


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