Inclusive Education in Dubai’s Schools

Inclusive Education in Dubai’s Schools

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'Inclusive Education’ and how early invention can be planned.

Advantages of early intervention

In the context of diversity all students in the UAE including students of determination have varying learning skills and abilities. Introducing an inclusive education environment into Schools in Dubai is a commitment to providing learning standards for all students regardless of their abilities or disabilities.

Special Education Need

A student candidate for ‘Special Educational Need’ has to undergo an assessment procedure to determine the level of intervention. Results to this assessment will help with the provisions for lowering the barriers to learning.

Categories of Assessment:

Category 1:
Board spectrum teaching where teachers are able to cater to different levels of student abilities their behaviour and learning preferences.
Category 2:
Curriculum adaptation where the syllabus is accommodated to fit the learning style of the student to allow engagement and participation within age-related expectations. LSA’s can back this approach by monitoring and recording the process for subsequent coaching future lesson planning.
Category 3:
Common now in a few schools in U.K and being introduced in Schools UAE are individualised timetables (programmes) to help expedite the progress of students to keep them advancing at the same rate as peers or classmates. These programmes require extra resources such as intervention support services.
Those schools employing such practices must measure their results with a baseline ‘starting point’ tracking progress over time to continuously adjust the level of intervention and maximise the students potential. For the most part students will be given the right learning support to maintain their understanding at the same level of their classmates of equal age. For this to be successful over the long term teachers and LSA’s need to be aware of the following inclusive education obstacles. Understanding barriers to learning, and how they affect the level of engagement to the curriculum and ultimately how it impacts on the individual student’s personal, social and academic outcomes.

Inclusive Education

inclusive education - What is your school doing to prepare

Empowering Teachers

  • Inclusive education  schools in the UK recognise the importance of additional support and further teacher training, for the inclusive environment. This is becoming a principal focus for schools in the UAE. With the right level of experience it empowers the teacher to know when to intervene. Through the experience gained teachers become confident in these specialist teaching approaches and know at what stage to bring in specialist support resources. Over time proper collaboration and team work improves the progress of the teacher/student/parent relationship addressing the special educational need.

Benefits of Individual Education Plan.

An Individual Education Plan IEP has proven benefits for students of determination. It should be seen as a framework for continuous improvement not something that once drafted it is rolled out without further development. For it to be most effective it needs collaborative between, team members comprising, student, teacher, specialist and  parent. The IEP by definition is different for every student as it caters to specific abilities, obstacles and interests. Inclusive education  has to be accountable, with measurable targets including specific support mechanisms setup to overcome obstacles and ensure advancement.

  • Specialists inclusive education teachers can initiate the IEP but all team members should be involved in it’s development to ensure implementation and success. Members should be accountable and enabled to make it work effectively. Properly planned out it inclusion education will serve as the roadmap for students of determination and their support team to follow.

On Going Support

The inclusive Education school classroom has to be sustainable it has to be an ongoing process that is a cornerstone of schools in Dubai. Inherent within each school it needs a mechanism to overcome obstacles each time they appear. The inclusive education  programmes should never be sidelined and be part of every school’s routine procedure. If a typical school must also be prepared to add new roles to their teachers duties that cover the principles of inclusion that promote this change.

Inclusive Education

inclusive education - What is your school doing to prepare

If you are interested to find out more about KHDA inclusion policy or schools in Dubai that run assessment centres, then you can learn by clicking the highlighted links.

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