Everything You Need To Know About Re-marketing Your School To Parents

Everything You Need To Know About Re-marketing Your School To Parents

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Here’s the School Agency’s guide to re-marketing your school to parents and attracting higher quality leads

Re marketing is a powerful tool with the potential to significantly improve your marketing efforts—if you know how to use it, that is! By following this guide you will be able to beginning re marketing your school to parents successfully and increase student enrollments.

What Is Re marketing?

Re-marketing is a form of targeted advertising that allows you to show ads to people who have already visited your website or interacted with your school in some way.

Essentially, it’s a way to keep your school top-of-mind with people who are already familiar with it and have shown some level of interest.

How Does Re marketing Work?

Re-marketing works by placing a piece of code on your website—known as a “pixel”—that drops an anonymous cookie onto the browser of anyone who visits (think of tagging and tracking wild animals).

The pixels can be programmed to track different visitor behaviors and display certain ads as a result, for example:


  • Page Views: Showing an ad to someone who has visited a specific page on your website, such as a product page
  • Time on Site: Showing an ad to someone who has spent a certain amount of time on your website
  • Number of Visits: Showing an ad to someone who has visited your website multiple times
  • Actions Taken: Showing an ad to someone who has taken a specific action on your website, such as signing up for a newsletter


The beauty of re-marketing is that you can be very specific in who you target and what kind of message you show them. For example, you can target parents who visit your school’s “Tuition & Fees” page before bouncing with ads highlighting your financial aid options.

Why re-marketing your school to Parents?

There are a few key reasons why re marketing to parents can be so effective:


  1. Parents are notoriously busy, and their attention is very difficult to capture. By re-marketing to them, you’re essentially guaranteeing that they see your ad.
  2. Parents are also very concerned about their children and want to do everything they can to ensure their success. Re-marketing allows you to tap into this by showing ads that highlight how your product or service can help their children.
  3. Parents are often very price-conscious and are always looking for ways to save money. Re-marketing allows you to show them special offers or discounts that they might not be aware of.

3 Effective Re marketing Strategies for Schools and parents

1. Visitor Segmentation

The visitors who click onto your school’s website typically fall into three categories:


  1. Accidents: These visitors stumbled onto your site by accident while searching for something else entirely. They’re not really interested in your school and are unlikely to convert.
  2. Prospects: Parents who are considering your school for their child but haven’t made a decision yet. These visitors tend to spend time browsing informational pages on your site.
  3. Attendees: Parents whose children are already enrolled at your school. These visitors typically only visit your site to check on things like tuition payments or upcoming events.


Only the second group—prospects—are truly worth re-marketing to. But how do you know which visitors are prospects, and which are accidents or enrolled?



re-marketing to parents

The answer is simple: segmentation. There are a few different ways to segment your website visitors, but the most common is by using Google Analytics. With Google Analytics, you can create different segments of visitors based on criteria like:


  • The pages they visit
  • The amount of time they spend on your site
  • Their location
  • Whether or not they’re new or returning visitors

Once you’ve created your segments, you can then create different re-marketing campaigns for each one.

2. Email Re-marketing (of your school to parents)

Email re-marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach out to parents. Why is this?

Because parents are always checking their email, and because email is a very personal form of communication.

re-marketing your school to parents


With email re-marketing, you can send personalized emails to parents based on their interactions with your website. For example, you can send a targeted email to parents who visit your school’s “Admissions” page but don’t fill out a form. Or you can send a different targeted email to parents who view a certain number of pages on your site but don’t convert.


Email re-marketing allows you to be very targeted in your approach, and it’s a great way to stay top-of-mind with parents who are interested in your school.

3. Display Re-marketing

Display re-marketing is a type of online advertising that allows you to show ads to people who have visited your website. The ads are typically displayed on websites that are part of the Google Display Network—which currently includes over 2 million websites.


With display re-marketing, you can show parents ads that are relevant to their interests and that feature a school’s branding. For example, if a parent visits your school’s website but doesn’t submit an application, you can show them an ad for your school when they’re browsing other websites.


Display re-marketing is an effective way to reach parents who might not be actively searching for schools, but who are still interested in finding the right school for their child. They’re a way to keep your school top-of-mind with parents who are in the early stages of their research.

How the School Agency Can Help re-market your school to parents?

At the School Agency, we specialize in marketing for private schools. We understand the challenges that private schools face when it comes to marketing, and we work hard to find creative solutions that fit each school’s unique needs.


If you’re interested in learning more about our services, we encourage you to contact us. We would be happy to discuss your school’s specific needs and goals, and to provide you with a personalized proposal.




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