Artifical Intelligence – a.i. in the classroom

Artifical Intelligence – a.i. in the classroom

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UAE’s future school classroom

Would it be premature to consider a.i. in the classroom especially now as today’s teacher’s are being pushed to find ways new to inspire learning outside the classroom walls. Instilling natural curiosity in a student is a path to assure they will achieve great things if they become self reliant and self sufficient. But are we as parents still expecting too much from today’s over stretched teachers, over tasked teachers. 
There’s a fictional movie called ‘Dead Poet’s Society‘ where a teacher sets out to inspire his pupils with unorthodox teaching methods. Imagine a fictional world where all teachers succeeded in ignited the curiosity day in day out never getting tired, always brimming with enthusiasm. Realistically the average teacher couldn’t sustain that level of commitment, day in day out, term after term, year after year. However there may be a future solution in technology; artificial intelligence A.I. has proven itself to support real human interaction, which could work with students in the form of an A.I. Teachers Assistants.

                                Building a better teacher to make a better student

Enhanced Super Teachers

Even with the advancement of artificial intelligence there will always be certain professions that can’t be replaced such as teachers. But technology in the form of A.I. could assist teachers by relieving them from some aspects of their jobs so they can concentrate on delivering a better experience to their students. Creating a better teacher could be possible by building a teacher based on A.I tech to take over more routine parts of teaching. With A.I. tech today’s students could learn to interact with pre-programmed personal A.I. tutors. These A.I tutors (A.I. Teachers Assistants) could teach any subject, any language across any curriculum. Each student interaction could be personalised according to how an individual prefers to absorb information. These A.I. tutors could remove the burden of collecting and analysing classroom results throughout the term, or academic year or history of that student.

Years of academic performance data will be far more valuable than results from a year-end test. Instead of incentivising students to recall information, they’ll be rewarded for applying knowledge.

AI tutors will be available 24/7 to interact with students when they need support most and location could be remote in other words outside campus times.

Advancement in A.I. technology is already making it’s way into human interaction and researchers are looking at how A.I. technology can understand, conversation language and facial advanced recognition. Or course there will be pros and cons of technology in schools, but the positives already to outweigh the negatives in terms of future potential.

The people who make i-pads are investing Billions in A.I. start ups such as Emotient a tech firm using A.I. to read emotions, language slang and vernacular. If an A.I. tutor could comprehend a persons emotions they could empathising with students and gauge the levels of understanding.

Technology in Education

If a student displays facial signs that they are confused, distracted or not following the thread of conversation, then the A.I. tutor can alter their content delivery by going back to clarify any doubts. But fear not A.I. tutor’s will never replace a professional teacher, only a human possess the skills to make learning exciting and inspiring through human emotions. A.I. in the classroom

A.I. in the classroom









A.I. has found it’s way into many business sectors we are all familiar with autonomous driving vehicles, diagnostics in healthcare, financial algorithmic trading. Chief Technology Officers are predicting a wave of advancements in the future with AI technology on a comparable level the industrial revolution.

Most industry sectors will be benefit from AI technology the education sector being one of them, helping to support teachers inside and outside the classroom. 

IBM have recently announced an A.I. based teacher’s assistant that will help teachers plan lessons and choose material for each class. Although it’s a pilot study IBM arranged for 200 American teachers to take part in the test program to help develop this technology.

If today it’s lesson planning who know’s tomorrow it could be interacting with students one-on-one unassisted. 

Are the machines taking over the world? should we be frightened or excited. A.I. could help lift the burden of today’s KPI’s teachers and become the ultimate teacher Assistant. As for the student, they too can benefit from this technology helping them fulfil their potential  ‘pursue their dreams and seize the day’ as the line in the movie goes. 

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